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Is The UK Prepared For Electric Vehicles?

News   •   Jul 31, 2017 16:50 BST

With recent news that new diesel and petrol cars will no longer be sold in the UK from 2040, it’s important that the industry as a whole is prepared for change. The move comes as part of a Government ‘clean air’ policy, following a similar pledge in France, due to ban new petrol and diesel cars by the same year.

With estimates that 1 in 3 cars purchased by 2024 will be electric, and stricter emissions policies for petrol and diesel vehicles, the move might not be as drastic as it seems. But is the UK ready for such a big change to our motoring infrastructure?

Electric vehicles (EV) have become increasingly popular in larger cities, especially London. With no congestion charges for EVs and the intention to continually improve air quality, conscious drivers can now drive around cities with a clear conscience and minimal to zero emissions.

EV ownership is continuing to grow at a rapid rate with car manufacturers such as Tesla Motors and BMW producing revolutionary, eco-friendly vehicles. With this environmentally friendly move towards EV comes a responsibility to car parks, service stations and other vehicle convenience companies to ensure that EV owners are catered for.

So how prepared is the UK, and how do service stations and parking facilities fare?

One problem is that some residents live in flats or places that are not convenient for charging a car. At Q-Park, we offer resident discounts, so this is something that may help resolve such an issue in some areas, but as we currently mostly operate in busy city centre locations, it is something worth considering for when the UK is adapting to the change.

Another issue that arises are the amount of charging points for these vehicles currently, and whether supply can meet demand.

Q-Park car parks across the country are already being updated with electric charging points, with new charging points installed in the past week and more due to be installed in coming weeks.
Q-Park UK continuously aims to promote and provide electric car charging points where possible. In line with this, you can get half price season tickets in London for zero emission cars at Q-Park.

As well as providing in London, we have recently added electric car charging bays in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, and Leeds, with more places being added soon.

We are working with a number of Electric Charging Partners including Tesla Motors, Franklin Energy, and Polar Network. You can find more information about each location on our website.

As our car parks are situated in convenient city centre locations, you can charge your car while you shop, go to work, or go for a day out with the family.

Do you own an electric car? Do you think the UK is prepared for Electric Vehicles? 

Comments (2)

    I think the UK is in a better position regarding infrastructure than most people realize. Part of the problem is that it's difficult to find a good overview of the location of chargers and so EV drivers cannot be sure whether their journey or destination will bring them close to a suitable charger or not. Perhaps a stadardized EV charger symbol could be adopted for road side signage but EV charger networks need to work harder to raise the visibility of not only their chargers but all chargers if the public are to adopt EVs on a broader scale.

    - Alec Beale - Aug 01, 2017 11:58 BST

    Thanks for your comment, Alec.
    That definitely makes sense and with the rise of EVs may well be the case soon. It will be interesting to see how this changes within the next few years, but it would definitely be helpful to EV drivers to have an overview of all facilities available.

    - Q-Park UK - Aug 07, 2017 12:00 BST

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